Image Optimizer extension for VS2010

I came across a nice free extension for Visual Studio 2010 for quickly optimizing images within Visual Studio IDE. Image optimizer uses external services such as smushit and PunyPNG to reduce the file size of your images with no visible loss of quality. As this results in less downloads for your users it’s a bit of a no brainer to implement.

To install the extension open Visual Studio and go to Tools, Extension Manager, Online Gallery and search for Image Optimizer and then click Install.

Once the extension is installed you can right click on a folder and select Optimize Images to have all the images in the folder optimize (check the files are not read only/checked out otherwise you will get an exception when the add on attempts optimization.

Once Image Optimizer has finished optimizing the images it will give you a summary of how much it has reduced file size by. Below shows the output from a recent project:

14 skipped. 142 optimized. Total savings 57.27%