Whats new in Microsoft Edge?

The last four months I have been a bit quiet blog and talk wise. This is because I have been hard at work developing a course for Pluralsight – Microsoft Edge for Developers which was released a few weeks ago!

But why should you care?

Well Edge is the default browser going forwards for Windows systems & devices so expect a large amount of your visitors to be Edge users – and you need to know how this browser could impact you and your sites and applications.

This is not a course on how to use browser developer tools (John Sonmez already has a great course on this) oh no this is a course exploring why Microsoft released Edge and focussing on the new functionality and changes just in Edge.

This course is 2hrs 37 minutes of quality Edge focussed content that is divided into 5 modules :

  • Introduction to Microsoft Edge
  • F12 Tools – Debugging
  • F12 Tools – Performance
  • What does Edge mean for you as a developer?
  • Edge user features

In the course I cover the following:

  • The motivations behind releasing Edge
  • Depreciated technology & APIs
  • New technology support
  • New developer orientated features (F12 Tools)
  • How to debug memory leaks & circular references
  • Edge WebDriver support
  • End user features such as Web Notes, Reading View and List and Cortana Integration

Thanks to the Microsoft Edge team for assisting me with a number of queries & in particular Ade Bateman.