2012 Goals

I read a number of blog posts where individuals detailed their goals and what they were looking forward to over the coming year.

I like the idea of publicly stating your goals as believe that it can help qualify these in your own mind and make you more committed to achieving them.

I think the career highlights for me last year were:

  • Speaking at Remix and TechEd
  • Going to MVP conference – although I dont feel I learnt that much from this I enjoyed travelling to Seattle, meeting a few people and seeing the Microsoft Campus
  • Udi Dahan’s architecture course opened my mind to some new ideas
  • An interesting course on Web Accessibility from Derek Featherstone
  • Winning an internal company award for company/community contribution that enables me to go to a conference of my choice
  • Getting another book contract from Apress to write on .net 4.5 and Visual Studio 11
  • An interesting mobile site project that has just gone live

So my goals for 2012 are the following:

  • Understand WCF better – I dont like WCF as it seems way over complex but I should probably make more of an effort as its getting pretty hard to avoid..
  • Complete book Apress book on .net 4.5 Visual Studio 11 that I am currently working on (funny how you think you will never do this kind of thing again)
  • Create some sort of open source/fun project to keep skills up – enterprise development can be a little depressing at times so think it needs to be some kind of game or something.. 🙂
  • More blogging and talks – been a bit lax on this and have come across several useful tips/tricks/gotchas that I want to document
  • Run DDD Melbourne again in June/July

On a personal/non technical level I want to do the following:

  • Ensure better separation of work/personal life – I got pretty bad at this towards the end of last year and am not going down this route again!
  • Found a weight training club with a very experienced trainer – keen to advance in this area as hit a plateau through my own training – the last two sessions have completely smashed me!
  • Complete cert 4 personal trainer (cert 3 completed last year)

I am particularly looking forward to the following:

  • Visiting UK for 3 weeks
  • NDC conference