Microsoft Silverlight 5 and Windows Azure Enterprise Integration and Visual Studio 11 First Look Cookbook

A lot of people seem to be writing/have written books at the moment, my self included.

The first book I want to mention is David Burela’s book Microsoft Silverlight 5 and Windows Azure Enterprise Integration that is available now (more info at

Disclaimer – I know David as a friend & assisted with the technical review of this book so am somewhat biased!

This book will take you from Azure basics to using advanced features such as caching and load balancing. The book tries to simulate real world problems you will experience and the reader works through a number of simulated examples .

Having had the opportunity to work on a number of Azure projects the last few years it was great to be able to give input to this book’s best practice section and how to avoid various Azure pitfalls (and there are many!). Readers shouldn’t be put off by the Silverlight bit in the title- if you are working with Azure much of the advice will still be relevant.

The second book I want to mention is the upcoming Microsoft Visual Studio 11 First Look Cookbook by Richard Banks. This one isn’t quite ready yet and I haven’t read it but if Richard’s writing is as good as some of his presentations, podcast ( and blog articles it’s going to be a great read.

Technically I guess there is a slight overlap here with my own book Introducing .net 4.5 although Richards seems to be more focussed on a step by step guide for specific issues rather than a broad overview.  Richards also does have a slightly better cover than Apress’s stockstandard black and yellow!

I say buy both – but probably mine if you only buy one 😉