Hello Kiandra IT

After 2 years and about 5 months I have decided to leave Readify to work for the Melbourne consultancy Kiandra IT (http://kiandra.com.au/) and in just over a weeks’ time will have to do some work again after a few weeks off 🙂

Readify has been a great experience and I hope I’ll still keep in touch with many of the staff.

My initial impressions of Kiandra have been excellent from the very welcoming and enthusiastic staff at my interview to a nice bottle of wine & company t-shirt couriered with paperwork on acceptance of offer to their recent wins of a number of industry awards.

I’m really looking forward to having a desk again and getting stuck into some longer term projects. I have to admit I am a little concerned to be working with Mr Lars Klint (http://klint.co/) but am hoping the other excellent staff will offset his inane ramblings & madness 😉

Don’t worry this move doesn’t mean I won’t be any less involved with the user group and Melbourne dev community 🙂 

As I write this Kiandra is currently looking to fill a number of roles in testing, UX and Business Analysis so why not take a look and join us at: http://kiandra.com.au/join-us/