Web Deploy – Retrying the sync because a socket error (10054) occurred

I was recently setting up Web Deploy for a customer (there are quite a few steps to this) and when I tried to deploy the project to the remote server received the following error:

Warning               1              Retrying the sync because a socket error (10054) occurred.

Retrying operation ‘Serialization’ on object sitemanifest (sourcePath). Attempt 1 of 10.                 0              0                TestWebDeploy

This was the first time I have set this up on a remote machine so thought it must be some kind of firewall interference as it all seemed to work locally. Web Deploy requires port 8172 open by default but I could Telnet to this without issue so the problem was something else.

Take a look at the following screen for configuring web deploy – one of the items you have to specify is the service url of the web deploy end point:

Web Deploy Screen

Microsoft even give you some examples of service end point such as: https://RemoteServer:8172/MsDeploy.axd so that’s the format I used.

Well turns out you dont want that http or https prefix and if you add it you will get the error above.

The correct format is actually: (obviously replace with your actual IP address)

You might now need to check the allow untrusted certificate option as well.

Thank you Microsoft for wasting 2 hrs of my time on this.

If this doesnt fix your issue then maybe you have a certificate binding problem check out this stack overflow post.

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  1. I only beat my head against the wall for an hour before I found your post. Thank you very much for saving me the second hour.

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