Introducing WebAdvisor – the web quality tool!

I have started work on an application that I am tentatively calling WebAdvisor. The idea of this application is that it will analyze HTML for bad practices based on simple string matching rules and then direct the user to documentation showing a better way of doing stuff.

For example it might pick up stuff like:

<div onclick=”javascript:alert(‘Couldnt you add me a better way?’)”></div>

This came out of research I am currently writing for a presentation on Javascript best (and worst) practices.

Javascript has an application called JSlint that will analyze javascript for issues. At first I considered how to test Javascript without a browser (and there are a couple of .net js processors to do this) but then decided that simple string matching and manipulation could catch many issues.

I plan to create several different types of test e.g. html – (heh do we need to check for use of blink or marquee!), javascript, security etc all as plugable MEF modules.

Originally I was thinking this process could be integrated into a build. However most web applications are composed of many components so I think this is going to have to analyze the html (at least initially).

Anyway have done an initial check in of project – not too much there at the moment but let me know if you think this is a good/bad idea.